Tribe Takes Series!

Yeah, baby, yeah! They won today, in extra innings. They took the series! Awesome. And that homer that Pronk hit? Holy crap. It went father than Thome's Sunday night. Wickman got his first save opportunity, and didn't choke. Take that, Chicago, take that.

I'd love to say I watched most of the game, but honestly I only saw from the 7th inning on. Allergies are acting up, and I totally slept most of the afternoon. But watching the recap, and the last few innings was OK. Kinda mad at myself though.

Last night at the bar, had some interesting conversations about The Tribe with a couple of the guys. One dude thinks, no knows, that the Central is gonna end up 1. Twins, 2. ChiSux, 3. Tribe. It's possible, but I really don't think so. I don't think Twins are gonna be above 3rd or 4th. It's gonna come down to the ChiSux, and The Tribe. And I really feel that The Tribe is gonna pull it off this year. Forget the Wild Card, they're gonna end up on top, and by more than a game or two. I'm thinkg 6 is a good number. Maybe I'm dreaming, but the other dude I was talking with agreed. And the guy has more than a few decades of sports history under his belt than I do, so he knows his stuff. It's not just wishfull thinking.


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