Hitchiker Guy

Only because I found it totally fucked up, I'm veering off the Tribe for a sec.

Saturday, hubby and I were driving out to my mom & dad's to pick something up. Driving down RT 18, hit I-71, and see this skinny-scraggly-hillbilly-old-man-of-the-mountain-redneck-looking dude hitchin' by the on-rap. Keep in mind I have nothing against rednecks, hillbillies, or anyone else for that mater, mostly cuz I'm sure I AM a redneck-hillbilly, but anyway, back to the story. So we saw this dude on Saturday doing his hitchin' thing.

Then yesterday, Monday, I'm driving my man and a couple of his buddies up to Hopkins to do their Vegas deal, right? And from where I live, to where I had to go to get people, it was just way easier to hit 18, and take 71 up than anything else, especially w/5 people in a Sable. So we hit 18, and we're going along, when what to my wandering eyes does appear, but the very same hitchiker guy, like less than half a mile east from where he was Saturday!

What I totally don't understand is why he was east of where we saw him initially, trying to hitch w/a car going west. WTF? And how could he travel such a short distance in three days? If ya really want to go somewhere, and can't get lift, um, walking helps. Really. Oh, and stay outta that joint w/the go-go dancers. Nothing good can come from sleeping there. Nothing.


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