Win vs. Tampa Bay

Big deal. Seriously. It's March. The Tribe beat a team that has one win thus far in Spring Training. I'm so not doing the happy-happy-ThatChick dance. Well, not yet. Maybe in June, if they're still above .500, and are kicking ass against some actual competition.

According to the Stats, Jake-Baby did OK thru four, and Marte smacked a 3 run outta the park. And that was pretty much it.

Old news is, Shapiro signed a 5 year extension. Great. No. Really. I sorta like him. Wedgie's in his final season, whether they're gonna re-sign or not, couldn't tell ya. Personally, I wouldn't mind some New Blood, but whatever it takes to have a winning season. Hint....New Blood in dugout.

Um. Question. There's an entire network pretty much dedicated to The Tribe. Why is it that not all of the Spring Training games are on? It's not as tho they have other programing scheduled, so what gives? It's not like the fucking channel is free, or something, I pay DirecTV every damn month for the package, so....WTF?! (Come on, admit it, that's what ya'll were lacking all winter.)


Don't Even Know Where to Start

It has come to my attention that I've pretty much missed Spring Training. Sorry to all!!!! Four weeks ago I underwent out-patient surgery on my chick parts, and then either caught a bug, or was having some post-op problems cuz I felt like total shit & didn't eat for about two weeks. Work got put on hold, so I've really been trying to catch up with Real Estate stuff. And I had to go out & buy new clothes, lost so much weight nothing fit. And I'm saddened to say, The Rack That God Built started to shrink. Also my alcohol consumption has been so off it stopped being funny after I got hammered after 1 (one) beer my first night back throwing darts. *sigh* Still not at 100%, but doing much better.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what's happening with The Tribe. Shit! I know, I know! This is the first time I can remember not even having a clue as to what's going on by mid-March. Not only that, I haven't watched Major League in my annual "God I can't believe it's not baseball season yet" funk I always get in by the end of January.

I figure to be caught up by Opening Day, maybe. I mean, it's not just The Tribe we gotta look at, and Hell, I don't even know how their shakin' out down in FLA, let alone what the fuck they're up against in the Central.

Sit tight, all. Promise I'll get going soon!!!!


Some Indians Stuff

I fully expected to not have shit to say about the Tribe til January-ish, when I started getting the shakes from baseball withdrawl, and begining to look forward to Spring Training. However, there's been a few things that have caught my eye over the last week so, here ya go.

Buck Showalter, Rangers ex-manager, and also worked with the Damn Yankees, and D-Backs, got hired as an "adivsor." They, the PD, says he's gonna sorta take the role that Grover had a few years back. Great. Cuz that did The Tribe so much fucking good. In the PD article they don't say how long his contract will be for, or how much dough they're shelling out for this dude.

My biggest bitch on this is that, DAMNIT, The Indians organization can may out some crazy amount of money for some administrative asshole, and you know he's not getting chicken feathers for this "advisor" position, but they won't come through and pay out the bucks to get what they need, when they need it. And they don't need office guys. They need ball players for fuck's sake.

Then, there was this article. Apparently there's talk of signing Danys Baez. As a closer. What. The. Fuck.

Cleveland had him once, and traded him, for whom, can't remember. But shit, they didn't want him before, why now? And really, is a closer that big of deal? How 'bout we focus on starters & relievers? Wasn't that real fuck-up of the 2006 season? Why do teams want to waste money on a one inning, eevery couple of days or so, pitcher, BEFORE they got the rest of their shit together? Seriously. Ain't gonna need to use a closer, if all the other pitchers blow.


Post Season, Cleve Ain't In It

Ok, most of you know why I bailed on the remainder of the season. Now that it's over, and The Tribe obviously didn't make the Post Season, again, and I'm sitting here wishing for March, hoping the Damn Yankees get their asses kicked, and maybe the Twinkies as well in the month of October, I'm trying to figure out if it was a horrible seaon, or just a bad season.

I tend to feel that anytime a team fails to make the Post Season, they've had a shitty year. That's not always the case, I mean take a look at the ChiSux, but usually it is.

What pisses me off the most about this past Summer is how long it took management to make changes in regards to the line-up. It also seemed to me that in just a few games did everything actually work. I felt like in the games I watched, there was pitching, but no hitting, or there was hitting, but no pitching, and then there were games that the fielding went on vacation to the Orient, or something. It was rare that everything actually came together for more than a game or two at time.

It was a shitty season, but not suprising, I guess. It just sucks balls when your team peaks in May.

I'm sure I'll have some posts about the playoffs, and the Series, as well this month. Perhaps I'll even write some Browns stuff, although it's weird for me to drink coffee instead of beer during football, Cavs, maybe (not too big on basketball) and some college shit. Don't be upset, but I'm kind of a Louisville fan.



It may have taken me longer than everyone else to get to this point, but I've finally given up on contention.

The Tribe lost 14-6 to the Twinkie Dinkie Assholes. I don't care about that, though.

What I care about is the fucking Indians have given the fuck up. They're worse than when I was a kid. Just because they're outta contention is no goddamned excuse to play bad baseball. Hell, Little Leaguers get more riled up about a game than these pussies. Only 7 more months til pitchers & catchers report to Spring Training!

ThatChick is imaptiently awaiting Football season. Oh, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Did I really just write that?


Bye, Bye Wickie

By now, everyone knows Wickie was traded to the Braves for Single A catcher Max Ramirez. I'm not exactly upset about this, but I am very fucking confused.

For most of this season, I thought that should trade Wickie. I do love the guy, but shit. All that cash for one guy, for one inning of work, and not even playing everyday? I don't understand why they didn't use this trade opportunity to get a decent starter to replace Byrdie, or an infielder to replace Boonie. Or maybe even two or three prospects for triple or double A. Wickie was obviously worth something to Atlanta to complete their now contending team. And we got in his place is another fucking catcher, and he's not even Triple A? I'm trying not to jump on the What the Hell was Shapiro Thinking Bandwagon. Serioulsy, though. What The Fuck? Someone please explain.


Late Game. Crappy Game.

The Tribe blew another game. Shocker, huh? I didn't see much since it was on so late. But they lost 10-5. Need I say more?

However, I did see the Braves-Cards game. Holy fucking shit, man. The Braves trounced the Cards 15-3. When I was in Louisville I was sort of a Braves fan. Sort of. Couldn't get The Tribe unless they were playing on ESPN, or played Cinci. For me, no baseball is torture. So, it was either Cinci, who I hate, or the Braves, who I also was not too fond of. Since everyone down I knew there was a complete Braves nut, I was grew to appreciate their fine ball playing skills. Chipper's the only player I really remember, and damn. He has been doing fucking phenomenal this year.