Post Season, Cleve Ain't In It

Ok, most of you know why I bailed on the remainder of the season. Now that it's over, and The Tribe obviously didn't make the Post Season, again, and I'm sitting here wishing for March, hoping the Damn Yankees get their asses kicked, and maybe the Twinkies as well in the month of October, I'm trying to figure out if it was a horrible seaon, or just a bad season.

I tend to feel that anytime a team fails to make the Post Season, they've had a shitty year. That's not always the case, I mean take a look at the ChiSux, but usually it is.

What pisses me off the most about this past Summer is how long it took management to make changes in regards to the line-up. It also seemed to me that in just a few games did everything actually work. I felt like in the games I watched, there was pitching, but no hitting, or there was hitting, but no pitching, and then there were games that the fielding went on vacation to the Orient, or something. It was rare that everything actually came together for more than a game or two at time.

It was a shitty season, but not suprising, I guess. It just sucks balls when your team peaks in May.

I'm sure I'll have some posts about the playoffs, and the Series, as well this month. Perhaps I'll even write some Browns stuff, although it's weird for me to drink coffee instead of beer during football, Cavs, maybe (not too big on basketball) and some college shit. Don't be upset, but I'm kind of a Louisville fan.


Blogger POJO_Risin said...

Bad season, horrible season...


Okay...okay...It's a done deal, I need to get over it.

Glad to see someone else on the same page...

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