I Think I'm in Love

Any pitcher, who in his only 2nd appearance on the mound in the Majors, practically shuts-out the Damn Yankees, has my undying love & devotion, for the rest of his career. Sowers gave up just two runs in last night's game. 2 runs! Shit, even Jakie, & Byrdie usually give up more than that. Cool. Fausto had a scoreless 8th, & Wickie got the Save in the 9th. Very cool.

The bats were workin' good. Could always be better when The Tribe is facing the Damn Yankees, though. Hollandsworth smacked a two run outta the park, & Victor and Jhonny each knocked in a some RBI's.

Jakie takes the mound tonight, at 6:05. 6:05? WTF? That's right. It's a holiday. They always do weird times on holidays. He's pitching against Shawn Chacon, who hasn't pitched since late June, like 8 days-ish. I sure hope Chacon's time away from the mound works in The Tribe's favor tonight. I love it when Cleveland can take a series from the Damn Yankees.


Anonymous JDW said...

Yes, I hope the Indians do win tonight. My guess is that they'll score, oh, 19 runs.

10:04 PM  

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