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Cleveland takes on Cinci this weekend at the Jake. While don't abore Cinci the way I do some other teams, the ChiSux for instance, it would be more than nice to see The Tribe take this series. For me it's that whole Ohio rivalry thing that started when I was little watching the Browns play the Bengals. Cleveland teams should win when playing Cinci teams. I'd also like to see The Tribe make up some freaking games in the standings. That would be really sweet. I know, I'm still trying to sound positive, for all the good it does.

So how do they win?

Jakie must, pardon the pun, be on the ball. If his sinker isn't in the zone by the second, Wedgie needs to yank his ass out. Don't wait for a minor problem to become a huge problem, see Wednesday's recap with C.C. If Jakie gets pulled, do not, I repeat, do not replace him with any of the following: Mota, Cabrera, or Davis, if he's still around that is. Perhaps good, if I can say anything's good about Cleveland relief pitching, would be: Perez, if he's still around, Eddie Mujica, Raffie, or Fausto. Although those last two are right on the cusp of sucking. **Anything over a 5 ERA for the season, I consider suckage-supremage.

Not quite sure if there's a "normal" line of the boys anymore, but here's what I think. Boonie should sit out. He's tied with Jhonny for 10 E's for the seaon. I'd say normally that Jhonny needs to play the bench as well, but for the moment, his bat is looking a Hell of a lot better and ought to stay in the line-up. Bennie should hit clean-up, he's hitting .374 against righties. Grady-Baby the 3 spot, Jhonny in the 1 or 2, with Ronnie in the other. For the bottom part of the line-up, instead of having 2 or 3 people that are slumping all in a row, place Pronk in the 5th, then Hollandsworth, Gutierrez, Victor in the 8th, then Vazquez, or whoever else can do third base in place of Boonie.

I'm crashing at my folks' place tonight, one brother is out of town, and I'm watching his kid tomorrow, and my big brother is taking me out later. No husband. Bar that has a bunch of people I went to school with. There will be nudity, as long as my big brother isn't in the room, that is. If The Tribe wins. Or maybe even if they don't.


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