I'll Be Damned

The Tribe eeked out a win from the Damn Yankees. A final score of 8-4. Sounds OK, but ya know, they really had some issues. I was bouncing between Tom & 97.5 since I had some serious running around to do for work. Honestly, everytime I went back to Tom, it seemed as though the Damn Yankees had scored another run.

Lee went a little over 6 innings & gave up 3, but got the win. Oh. all 3 runs were solo-shots. 2 of those bastard homers came in the 7th inning. Even with The Tribe winning, I don't get why they left Cliff in for the 7th. The way the starters & yes, the relievers too, have been imploding as of late, it might have been wiser to have put Fausto in right away at the start of the 7th. I know. I know. But Fausto has been lately one of the most consistant. That is if anything about The Tribe's pitchers can be deamed consistant. Fausto gave up just 1 for about an inning & 1/3rds work. Wickie came on for the 9th. Don't think it counted as a save, though.

The bats were a little...weird. 8 runs on 12 hits, & 12 LOB. Hollandsworth got 3 run shot in the 6th. Ronnie got 4 hits. Jhonny, thankfully seems to have broken out of that fucked up 0-for-the-century slump he's been in, and got 3 hits & a couple of RBIs. Boonie, Victor, & Grady-Baby got a hit a piece. And that's it.

Holy shit. Just looked at the standings. I knew The Tribe was sucking balls, but 11 games back? Good Christ. Seasons almost half over, All-Star break is in a couple of weeks, and they're 11 fucking games back? How in the name of every Baseball God that ever was will they be able to make that shit up?

C.C. takes the mound Friday night to start the 3-game series against the Brew Crew. Amazing as it sounds, the Brew Crew actually sucks worse than Cleveland. Not that it means shit for this year's Indians. Even with C.C. going at tomorrow night, prepare for a sweep. And not by Cleveland.


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