A Win. Finally.

Jakie was totally on the freakin' ball last night. He pitched 8 great innings for 2 runs & 6 hits. Victor, Ronnie, Pronk, & Michaels all homered last night. Grady-Baby and even Boonie got hits. That's all the good stuff.

Vazquez, who was in a Short last night for Jhonny, went 0 for 5, and had all three of the night's errors. The bullpen imploded yet again. Davis gave up for, Raffie & Wickie both gave up a run each. Personaly, if I was Westbrook, I'd beat the shit out of Jason Davis for that horrendous relief pitching.

What other team in baseball can have a starter pitch a solid 8, be winning 10-2 in the 8th, and then come within a hair of blowing the game? 6 fucking runs given up by the 'pen. 6! That was just bad. I think my unlcer's coming back, too.


Blogger Vinny said...

thatchick, I was away for vacation and missed your special analysis of the Tribe.

I am, however, waiting for the self-proclaimed superstitious girl to do the right thing. You know, skin to win.

4:34 PM  
Blogger thatchick said...

There is a certain pic floating around between some friends of mine, just gotta get one of them to send it back. And it's a good one, too. =]

10:56 AM  

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