Happy B-Day to Pronk!

And what a day it was. Half a dozen RBIs, & a Grand-Freakin'-Slam, baby!

Not that the rest of the team was sitting on their asses, though. Cliff pitched well, Grady-Baby homered & scored 4 times, & Fausto had 2 solid innings of relief. The E's that LA had only contributed to their demise. Cool.

The sixth inning of today's game made me really think. Scary, huh? Why is it that The Tribe must be completely, totally, and utterly embarassed at least one game in a series, for them to actualy put to use the talent that The Baseball Gods have given them?

Something came up last night, but I have yet to find the answer, help is appreciated, here. I've noticed this before, and since The Tribe was sucking last night, took the opportunity to bring it up.

Why is it some ball players when they're on base, hold their batting gloves in their left hands? My husband says he heard, or read someplace, that there's actually a reason, but he's couldn't remember why...he's getting up there, forgive him. So I call my old man, the encyclopedia of baseball knowledge & lore, and he had no clue. The only plausible thing I could even think of was to throw them up as one slides into 2nd as a distraction. But I hardly think that would actually be concidered OK to do. Anyone who comes up with an answer, a good answer, I'll buy a drink if ever you make it out to the Lakes.


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