Yeah, Baby

The Tribe won 4-3 against the ChiSux tonight. Yea! Thank you C.C., Fernando, Rafael, & Wickie for the pitching. Thank you Jhonny, Pronk, Victor, Michaels, & even Boonie for the hits.

Of course, they didn't come by it easy being down 3-0 by the mid-3rd, mostly to fuck-ups by The Tribe. Believe me when I say my animals had run for the hills after that botched throw to 1st by Victor. It was worse than when C.C. gave up that solo-shot. But holy shanikes Batman, have you ever seen a better bottom of the 3rd comeback than tonight? That's the way to play baseball. The Tribe got 4 runs in that inning to take and keep the lead, & the pitching didn't bomb out for the rest of the game. The only way the game could have been better is if that high inside pitch to that shmuck Thome would have actually pegged him. But it was nice to see him on his back, in the dirt, though.

It's bitchin' good that they won tonight, but there are still some things that bother me. Like, they kinda played some crappy ball tonight, and probably shouldn't have won at all. 8 left on base, 4 in scoring position, that not an error-error with Perez & C.C. at 1st in the early part of the game, and obviously that throw to Perez from Victor, yeah that one really got to me. Also, The Tribe's not even playing .500 ball, & are 9.5 back from Detroit.

Not performing at the plate when there are men on, is just bullshit. Make them pitch to you, and get a little hit. That's all you need to do. That's it, and that's all. When a guy is batting it's not about swinging for the fences, or anything else, but getting those boys on base home.

Throwing errors? Listen carefully here: Plant and throw. How hard is that?

It's no longer the start of the season, May is winding down, The Tribe is 25-26. They can't afford not to get back to basics and do things they were probably all taught since the beginning of time. If they can't get the fundamentals under control at the end of May, we are lookin' at one long-ass season as Tribe fans.

A little anecdote, here about sucking. I had this choir director all through Junior High & High School, and she was pretty competitive. We really did have all kinds of competitions, plus concerts, duh, of course. Anyhow, right before a show, almost every show, actually, when we'd been doing the same songs for weeks, or sometimes months, and everyone was sounding flat, & tired, she'd start to sort of going off, saying: mediocrity sucks. Do you guys want to be mediocre? Is that why you're here? To not perform to the best of your abilities? If you want to be mediocre, there's the door. Come back to rehearsal after you stop sucking, and can contribute to this group. And it worked, every single time. She was cool as anything, but could really put the fear of God into you. Think we could get her to give The Tribe a pep-talk?


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