It's Finally Over!

The losing steak has ended. What a crazy game that was last night. After losing 3-0 by after the 1st inning, I was set to keep my clothes on all night, be in a pissy mood today, and start looking for a new team. But the boys suprised me. A lot. Byrdie went 6, gave up four, including that solo shot by Stairs. Bentancourt (yeah, baby, he's back!) went 1, as did Mota, both scoreless. Davis went in for the ninth, and amazingly, held KC at 4 runs. I know I give shit to Michaels, cuz I really don't like him, but that dude, has a fucking arm. Holy crap, that was a great throw to the plate.

Casey got a solo shot in the third, Michaels got a double. And my baby Pronk, yeah, baby, a 2 run poke outta the park to win the game in the ninth. That was some exciting ballplaying last night. Since I was home last night, generally don't go out Tuesdays, no one saw, but yeah, I did a little happy-half-naked-jig around the house in thanks to The Baseball Gods for getting The Tribe a win. I keep my word. 'Specially where The Gods are concerned.


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