That Game Sucked. I Hate Detroit.

We blew off the game cuz of the weather. Not by my choice. I swear my friends & husband are a bunch of pussies.

What's the deal with TWO major league guys getting caught in a rundown in the same fucking night? Honestly, I played fast-pitch softball for like 10 years, and never had that happen. Casey-Baby got two homers, not that it really helped. One guy got two fucking homers, and they still lost?!?!? Why the Hell was Lee still in for the 7th? What kind of sense does that make? He was OK for 6, but even I know, this time of year, when the weather is lousy, he can't go 7.

Anyhow, here's the recap. And that's about all I got for today. I'm still pissed off (and REALLY wanna hit one of those fuckers) they lost by one motherfucking run, and my blood pressure's gotta be like 200 over 200, and I don't feel like having a heart attack, or stroking out today. If they go on a 5 game losing streak, I swear to all The Baseball Gods that ever were I'm gonna become a Braves fan.


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