What. The. Hell.

Guess I should have stayed awake to see the end of the game. Fuckin' Royals came back and kicked Cleveland's ass 10-7. How did this happen? The Tribe was up 6-4 when I crashed, right about the time they put Graves in, and it's not exactly like Johnson sucked last night. Nor were the bats asleep. Victor got a hit or two, Pronk had that bitchin' triple, which should have been homer, damnit, and Micheals, Ronnie, and Casey all got hits, as well. How in the fuck could they lose this game? How? How? How? They're playing Kansas fucking City for Christ sakes, not the Damn Yankees. What is wrong with these guys?

It's almost too hornedous to post the link, but if you want to see something really depressing, check out the standings for the Central. Jesus.

And didn't the Cavs get their asses handed to them last night, too? Great night for sports in Cleveland.

Going to the Tigers game Friday. If Cleveland sucks, I swear I'm jumping over a railing in one of the smoking sections. Is it too early to have a drink?


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