The Tribe won 7-6 against the Rangers last night. Cool. The only thing that bugs me about them winning last night, is that most series when they've won the first game, they come back and suck balls the next two. It wasn't really a crazy game. There weren't any really big hits, or big fuck-ups to speak of, although Michaels did finally get a hit, and is now batting a whole .256 on the year.

Wickie got his 5th save of the year. Awesome, baby! What was up with leaving JD in for just one inning? He was doing fine. For a minute last night, I thought my husband was going to stroke out about it. He was pissed when they put Mota in for the 8th. I mean he was pissed. Like pissed like I was when they gave up that homer to Manny the other night. I ended up having to buy him a shot to calm down. Twisted, baby. Also, I thought, Johnson had an OK start.

We started last night at this one bar, that really blows. I don't even know why we went there, but anyhow. It's like 7:09, and no Tribe. Not even a flicker of going to change the ONE FUCKING TV in the joint to the game. Some damn game show was on. What the Hell? So we left, and went out to our normal joint over in the Lakes. Just as we get in the truck, figure out that the game's on WMMS, we hear Tom go..."EJECTED!" Refering to the 3rd base coach I believe, for the Rangers. How bitchin' is that? The guy has been calling games for as long as I can remember, and he still gets excited. That dude, is like, totally, the epitome of bitchin'-ness in my book.


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