Yes. I Am.

As some of you may have read, Wednesdays are (one of) my nights out. According to some dude at the bar, I have a new name. Go ahead, guess what it is. Give up? I am now known as "that foul mouthed little girl who loves The Tribe." This particular dude, I've only met a few times, and this new name thing was said in jest, and he seemed to know his shit about baseball. He made me laugh. Until the 5th inning that is. Believe me when I say, even for me last night was bad. I can handle losing. I know The Tribe can't win all the time. They should not have lost that game last night. Certainly not by 9 FUCKING runs. And damnit. The ChiSux are now in first, and we are a full game back. Sonofabitch.

Let's hope that Fausto pitches the good pitch through, oh let's say...8.5 innings or so, and the boys' bats are still thirsty for more, the guys can take this series, and head over to KC with one more win under their belts . ChiSux are off today, and take on the Twins over the weekend. Go Minnesota, baby.


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