Today In The Central

We're starting this week with three teams tied for first in the Central. The Tribe, the Tigers, and the ChiSux. The Twins are back one game from the pack, and KC's back a whopping 4.5 games from the top of the heap.

Detroit and Cleveland face off this afternoon at 1:05, in Detroit. Byrd's starting for The Tribe, and has a 2.73 ERA against Detroit, and a horrid 10.24 after two starts this season. Our guys will be batting against lefty Nate Robertson, who's career ERA v. The Tribe is 4.45, and 4.38 for the year. Detroit's leading this series 2-1. There's not really much room for discussion here. The Tribe needs to win today. It's not only to stay in first place. Since there's no way for them to take the series, they must split. They gotta. They can't go around dropping series-es, especially series against teams in the Central. Byrd needs to pitch a game much as Lee pitched yesterday, but without giving up the long ball to Shelton. Not that it will matter how well, or not he pitches, if the bats don't wake the fuck up today. As evident from the first few games, we know that these boys can hit, so they, no pun intended, need to step up to the plate, and fucking do it, already.

The ChiSux, and KC go at it tonight, in Chicago, at 8:05. Starting pitcher for Chicago will probably be, Jose Contreras who has a 2.23 ERA lifetime against KC, and 1.93 ERA this year. For the Royals, Joe Mays takes the mound. He has a 4.71 ERA lifetime against the ChiSux, and huge, 12.86 for the year thus far. KC needs to keep those ChiSux bats in line to win. No homers to that puke Thome! It really would be nice to see the Royals stick to the Chisux, again this year, as they're the only team that they've had any success against.

The Twins are off today, and face the Angels tomorrow night in Minnesota at 8:05.


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