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FoxSports has posted the Top 100 salaried ball players. Not suprising, that there's crap-load of Damn Yankees and ChiSux on the list. Although there are some former Indians listed, no one from the current roster has made it. FoxSports also has posted Team by team payrolls. The Tribe is 24th.

As a team, they are kicking some serious ass in April. They have a better record as of this second, than, and this is just a guess, 95% (tied with BoSox) of the teams that have players in the Top 100.

I suppose we'll find out soon, if shelling out the big bucks, or not, is the way to a title. As was said in Major League "...I'd like to hang around and see if we can give 'em all a nice big shitburger to eat."


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