With a Sweep O'The Twins, Tribe Takes 1st

I would love to be able to say I watched Westbrook pitch the good pitch yesterday. I'd love to, but I can't. These damn allergies, and the meds I'm on have me so messed up, it's not even funny. I'm sleeping during the day, awake most of the night. Eh. Who needs this kind of stuff every spring? Apparently, The Boys kicked a little Twin City ass though, huh? Wicked.

The ChiSux won, which as bad as I'm gonna hate myself for saying this, I gotta say it anyway; Detroit needed to loose, preferably to a team in the Central. It's just completely unheard of, in my life time, for freaking Detroit to go 5-0. OOOO. Looky here. The Tigers lost today as well.

But there's a downside. Isn't there always a downside when dealing with these Central Division shmucks? Ok. Ready? Deep breath. Swig of beer. Light a smoke. This guy, this moke, from Detroit, Chris Shelton was named AL Player of the week. This pisses me off because, well, it just pisses me off. Not saying the dude doesn't deserve it, he does. He totally racked up some kick ass numbers last week. But, come the fuck on! He's from freaking Detroit. This is a laugh in the face of The Baseball Gods. I would have loved to see one of our boys get it, this first week. It would have set an awesome tone for the upcoming Seattle Series.

I'm looking at the Standings and am really impressed. Really. We're in 1st in the Central, KC's not doing too bad, I always was a little bit of a Royals fan, and as much as I loathe the BoSox, any team that can work to keep the Damn Yankees in the cold, dark cellar, where those bad boys belong, needs to be given some props.

Oh, hey, this is cool. Wickie is just 2 saves shy of Doug Jones' club record of 129. I hope, truly hope, that the boys will be playing at The Jake when he gets the new record. The fans will be off the hook. And it'd be a nice little "fuck you" to whoever they happen to be playing at the time.

As a small side note, and this has never happened to me before. Not in all my 26 years. Not ever. I don't have a favorite player! How could this have happened? Granted I haven't always picked the most talented guys as my favs, *enter Jacoby, Snyder, Tabbler, Sandy, and the man that broke my heart, Thome, the bastard,* but I've always had at least one fav, no matter how much The Tribe sucked wind. Aw, crap. What's a girl to do when she has no favorite player?


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