All Right!

Thank the Baseball Gods!!!!!! DirecTV finally signed with STO!!!!! Unfortunately not every DirecTV customer will be able to recieve the station, but for those of us fortunate enough to get it, STO will be channel 657. ***Sonofbitch!*** Had to order a sports package to get STO, can't just get one damn channel. Cost before discount is $12/month. I'm getting it for $2/month for 6 months, because I have the HBO Pack, and Show Time Pack. Not really minding the $2, more so that I'm paying for like 10 other channels, that will never be watched, unless my big brother comes over and wants to see The Hunting channel, or whatever the Hell it's called.

Even though I can get the channel, most likely I'll still go with my initial game plan. Watch, with the volume down, and listen to 'TAM. I love hearing Tom!

Hopefully today, Westbrook will not be a pussy, and nail Thome with a fastball. Or maybe, as he's lumbering down the first-baseline like a Mac Truck, he'll jack up his back, and be on the DL for the rest of the year. Hey, no one really expected C.C. to get hurt Sunday night. Gotta be an optimist, I think. It kills me to wish bad will towards Thome, since I absolutely adored him. Hell, I was gonna marry him one day. I still liked him when he went to the Phillies. But this, this ChiSux thing, just makes me wanna puke all over him. So get hurt today, you bastard!

Sunday night's game, while extremely disappointing, wasn't the end of the world. I mean, Jesus. There's like 160-some games left. But to read ESPN, The Tribe is gonna blow all year long. I hate ESPN. I'm never watching, or reding them again. All they do is shit on Cleveland. I started thinking about this, and will have to do a little research, but I swear it's true. Almost everytime I can remember, at least in recent years, The Tribe usually sucks big hairy monkey balls when they're on ESPN. I'm gonna start calling it the ESPN Curse.


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