One More Day To Go, Baby

I'm of two minds about The Game tomorrow. Part of me is so freaking excited about The Season finally begining I'm practically bouncing off the wall. But the other part, the part of me I call crazy-psycho-bitch is really upset that The Game is on ESPN.

Certianly some of the hatred for ESPN comes from not having cable for the first 18 years of my life and watching The Tribe on WUAB growing up. I got used to those guys. After The Tribe moved to FSN, I wasn't happy then, either. But well, it is The Tribe, so I sucked it up and watched. But every so often ESPN has to pick up what they think is gonna be a "big game." The Tribe'll be on, and the announcers will shit all over them no matter how well, or not so well that they play. The ChiSux will get some serious props, and will be equated to te next best thing since sliced bread. Not that it matters that The Tribe is playing those jerks, they could play a bunch of dudes that kicked off a million years ago, and still, the stiffs would still get all fuss. It really does make it worse though that it is the ChiSux.

We don't need dugout interviews, reports from the field, or smartass anouncer shit from inside the booth. Just show the game damnit. They're almost as bad as those douche bags on Fox.


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