Another Non-Tribe Post

Bad things happen when I get left alone. Ok, not really bad things, just crazy things. Hubby & the boys have been in Vegas since Monday, and are getting back around midnight tonight. So, me being who I am, and absolutely hating being alone, unless I'm in one of my "moods," decides to go out Monday night.

Because I've been w/hubby for almost 9 years, and married for almost 6, I never really did the go out and hit the club scene thing. In all honesty, I never really had the desire to. So what happened on Monday, was really kinda of shocking to me.

Not only did I get kinda smashed, but I swear I paid for like one drink all night. One drink. And I was toasted. I mean I was doing shot of Beam for goodness sakes. I never drink Beam. I'm JD & Maker's kinda girl. Went to my normal bar, you know, my second home. And saw some regulars, who totally know I'm hitched, and know and like my hubby, and they bought my drinks all night.

How much of this is from them knowing I do a little freakout thing when hubby's gone, and they're just trying to ease my pain so speak, or whether it's cuz I have an inclination to, uh, flash people with no warning (hey, they need to breathe, ok?) and not hesitate to drop the F-Bomb if I think it's appropiate, or if it's cuz, if I don't call myself hot out of vanity, I'll call myself good looking, I just don't know.

I had to laugh when I got home though. I was thinking, man, I could have saved myself so much money over the years, if only I went out drinking alone.


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