Tribe Takes Game 2 From The ChiSux

The Tribe won. 8-2. Not that I had my doubts. I still have some of my six-pack left. Jake Westbrook did great. Aaron Boone is my hero, especially for the way he took out A.J. Pierzynski. Victor Martinez also homered. But the best, I mean the most awesome-est thing ever, was when Jake Westbrook knocked Jim Thome in the dirt. That was too cool. Oh, yeah. The ChiSux got their rings today, as well. What a way to steel their thunder boys, with a win like that after Sunday's loss.

I was not impressed with STO thus far. The signal kept bouncing in and out. There was about a 10-15 second delay from 'TAM. They're showing the same commercials that FSNOhio has shown for years. Glad I had Tom on.

C.C. Sabathia is definately on the 15-day DL. Ok, so yeah, it sucks. He's a really great pitcher. But over the course of time in the majors, he hasn't been injury prone, and aside from last year, has never been on the DL, so get over it. And The Tribe has some really good talent to use in the mean time. Talent we might not see if not for this little bump in the road to October. Things could be way worse for C.C. and The Tribe. Remember Sandy Alomar Jr.? Yeah. That's what I'm talkin' about. He was on the DL just about every season I can remember, and that was back when I was just a kid, AKA when The Tribe really used to suck.


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