Seriously. WTF.

Another couple of writers take the opportunity to give props to the ChiSux, and shit on The Tribe, Here and Here.

Is this what we're in for all freaking season? Thome was The Putz From Peoria when he was in Cleveland, and it didn't matter that he could hit. The announcers, the reporters raved over his strike outs & walks though, that's for sure. Do you remember those games on Fox, where the announcers were making fun of him because of the sox thing? I do. And now, it's like the most clever thing ever done by a ball player. And so what that the dude hit a 431 foot homer Sunday night. SO WHAT! He hit like over a 500 footer at the Jake a few years ago.

But what happens in the past doesn't matter. B.S. If it didn't, reporters wouldn't be going on, and on, and on, until my head wants to explode about The World Champion ChiSux, and how The Tribe bombed the last week of the season. Last year people. That's right. Last freaking year. It's a new season, baby. Get the fuck over it, already.

If I hadn't gotten most of my work done today, I wouldn't have been surfing, and finding these horrendous articles about The Tribe. At this rate, I'm going to done with my six-pack before the 7th inning stretch. Crap.


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