Tribe Wins Home Opener!

Holy Baseball Gods. What a way to win the Home Opener. It all came together yesterday afternoon, and it was beautiful! From Blake's Grand Freaking Slam, (which BTW, when he hit it, I scared the shit outta my husband, screaming like a loon,) and Pronk's 2 Homers, to Byrd's, Miller's, and Cabrera's pitching. The boys hit when they needed to, the bullpen didn't choke. The only downer, in my view, is that Detroit won as well, and is still in 1st place. It's still early, I know. I'll actually be pretty happy if The Tribe just takes the series against the Twins, no need for a sweep, although that would be bitchin' cool. Hopefully, Friday's game will finally make the crap-ass reporters who've been shitting on The Tribe, shut the fuck up already.

Yesterday's game brings up a theory I've had since forever. Score early. Score often. This is another thing I'm gonna research one day, the percentage of games won by the team that has scored first. The psychological effects of this theory, IMHO, are enormous. From the hitting stand point, it takes pressure off the batter so they can get up, and just hit, and not have to worry about swinging for the fences, or freaking out because it's up to them to get on base. It gives run support to the pitcher so they can do what they gotta, and even if one gets away from them, it's still ok, and not gonna cost them the game. For the team itself, well, Hell, the emotion, the competitiveness, carries over, and everyone gets jacked up, and they WIN, usually.

The game yesterday was the first one on WKYC. I was not impressed to say the least. I love Jimmy Donovan, have since I was knee high to a grasshopper, but he really should stick to the Browns. He is not a baseball announcer. Part of it I'm sure is because I'm used to hearing Jimmy in the fall, but I still felt like I was listening to a weird football version of baseball, until I got with it, and turned on Tom and WTAM.


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