Tribe Takes 2 From The Twins!

For all the crap I read yesterday about Jason Johnson sucking ass against the Twins, I really thought he'd have been outta the game by the 4th inning. Always good to be suprised. Aside from Pronk's hitting, the game was actually kinda boring. It was nice to see Mota pitch up the middle, and Wickie who got the save, but not a lot of excitement overall. I was completely disappointed that Vazquez didn't hit better. As the occasional player, he really needs to make a stand when he gets the opportunity.

The Chisux are getting their asses handed to them by the Royals. Go KC, go. Detroit is still in 1st place. It's totally gonna be an interesting year for the Central Division.


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Dear Thatchick,
I enjoy reading your take on things. And I love how you blow all the stereotypes about how only men care enough about sports to follow it this closely. Your writing has dash and vinegar to it, which makes it that much more interesting. I'm honored that you've included a link to my Working With Words. Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
John Ettorre

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