Tribe Lost Game & Series to Seattle

The Tribe lost yesterday's game, and the series to Seattle with a score of 9-5.

If only a ball game was just five innings long, we'd have won last night. Jason Johnson pitched good through 5, and was relived by Bentancourt in mid-6th. He got out of a bases loaded issue, and then it all kinda fell to pieces in the 7th. Sauerbeck faced one batter, and was yanked, to be replaced by Mota. Cabrera and Graves finished up the 8th & 9th. Hits, walks, walks, and more walks. God. It was honestly more painful for me to watch the later innings than a urinary tract infection. The fucking bullpen needs to get on the fucking ball a little here. We were winning this game when Johnson left.

As proven by guys that are hitting the shit outta the ball, like Ronnie, Bennie, Peralta, Grady, last night we have no problem smacking the ball around. But that doesn't win games. No shit, huh? When the bases are loaded, you don't freaking walk another batter, and allow the opposing team to score. WTF. Jesus. I was in tears.

The good thing about April Baseball is, there's alway another game, another series. So they head north and take on Detroit this weekend. Jake is going for his third consecutive win tonight. Let's hope they can kick a little Tiger ass, huh? The ChiSux are taking on the Jays in Chicago. Go Jays.


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