No Signal

Because of how pissed I was by this, it get's its own post. Anyone else notice a little downtime last night during the game? Missed about 20-ish minutes of play. No. I was not wasted and passed out. No. I did not go for a drive. No. I did not fall asleep. Freaking STO went off the freaking air. Wednesday is (one) of my nights out at the bar. They don't have a radio there. WTF. We're paying money to see these games. All the games. Every part of every game. We can't see them when STO's signal keeps bouncing in and out. It's not the cable companies, it's not the satalite companies. It fuckin' STO. Not only that, but shit, can't the score-keeper guy figure out the correct way to mark balls, strikes, and outs in the little score thingy at the top? WTF, again. I swear I thought I was losing it, seeing 1 out, 1 ball, 2 strikes. Then heard Mike call it as 2 outs, 2 balls, and 1 strike. Why did they implent this stupid network before the kinks were all worked out? Why are we paying for this crap? Oh. Yeah. We are from NE Ohio. We are fans. We are silly about our teams. Man. Sometimes I get pissed about lovin' The Tribe.


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