Tribe Improves to 6-1

Tribe tops Mariners 9-5, and for now stays undefeated at The Jake. The Tribe's still no. 1 in the Central, and tied w/ the BoSox for the best in the AL.

Holy Baseball Gods. What a game! Cliff Lee pitched a fine 6 innings with just 2 ER, and got the win. Cabrera came in top of the 7th gotta couple SO's. And then there was the 8th. Jesus. Talk about just about imploding, between Sauerbeck and Miller, I totally thought I was gonna stroke out. They definitely made it interesting, especially when Miller pegged Beltre in the ass, but my heart could do without the close calls. And in the 9th Betancourt came through with the save. The way every single Tribe pitcher last night kept that douche-bag Ichiro under control, was very impressive.

As for hitting, well, that was simply wonderful. Peralta and Pronk hit back-to-back homers in the 5th. The only guys to not get any hits last night were Perez and Benny who came in to pinch hit in the 8th. All told, the boys had 13 hits last night. Holy shit.

I'm going through the recaps and shit now, since I completely crashed last night as soon as the game ended. Yahoo, SI, and ESPN both have the same story Here. However, FoxSports has taken yet another opportunity to shit on The Tribe & the bullpen Here. What The Fuck! They certainly don't talk about how Miller was initially going to go in mid-6th to replace Lee, and ends up sitting for 2 more innings, and then going in for relief of Sauerbeck. Think that had something to do with his less than stellar showing last night? And the rest of the bullpen? Well, certainly it would fuck someone up to see one dude warming up in the pen, and suddenly, it's someone else that goes in for the 7th inning. So here we've got 3 news outlets with the same story, and one that tries to steel the Tribe's Thunder by giving shit to the bullpen. Our fucking team is in 1st fucking place, and this is what we get from the nation press?

Also when watching the game last night on STO, of course, they made a little announcement. And I'm kinda, sorta, pissed off about it. WKYC will be showing Talkin' Tribe Monday nights at 7pm. Uh. What? Wasn't there just a big fucking thing about STO and programming and that's why some companies were hesitant to pick it up? Why in the Hell is this on WKYC, and not STO? It's fucking bullshit that people have to pay for this station, and all that's there is the crappy pre-game/post-game stuff, and the games themselves. What genius thought this one up? Seriously.


Blogger Jerk of All Trades said...

About a billion years ago I liked baseball. Now it just takes to damn long.
I can sit there and watch guys readjust EVERY damn part of their uniform between every pitch.
Between that and pitchers not being able to decide between any of the FOUR pitches they know......I just can't do it.
Maybe if we had a basball team here in Denver I could get into it.

Once Tony Gwynn retired, I lost all interest.

8:54 AM  

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