As Long As They Get Their Pitching Together

Things will be fine. Aside from the Opener, that was the most horrendous pitching I've seen this year. What the Hell was Byrd's problem last night? Moreover, what the Hell was Wedgie's deal with leaving hime in? The damadge, I think was done, and Graves just was gonna suck no matter what.

There were some good things. Shit, we scored 9 runs. Of course there had to be some good things. Pronk and Blake were hitting the crap outta the ball. We had mostly (see below) good base-running. And we're still in 1st place, playing .750 ball.

But, I'm still trying to decide what was the worst thing about last night's game.

Was it the absurdity of the final score, which was Seatle 11,Tribe 9? I mean WTF, this is baseball boys, baseball. That looks more like a football score. Since when is scoring 9 damn runs, not enough to win a game?

Or, could it be, that the first loss at home typically is a bitter one. Yeah. Screw you Ichiro with your 3 singles last night. And screw you, too, Ibanez with your going 4-4 and 4 RBI's.

Possibly, it could have been that fucked-up-getting-picked-off-cuz-I'm-a-dumbass-thing that happened, not once, but two freaking times last night, back to back, in fact when Michaels and Peralta both got caught in rundowns. What the Hell was that about? I know I'm no pro-ball player, but I did play softball for about 10 years, and let me tell ya something, that only used to happen to the super-fat chicks that didn't pay attention.

And I can't forget about this former Tribe puke, Sexson with his god-damned grand slam. That he was once one of ours, made me just about cry last night.

So, yeah, let's get it together for tonight's game, shall we, boys? We cannot lose the series. One of the keys to making it to October, is NOT dropping series-es.


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