Freaking PLEASE!

I really need to stop reading articles online. I really do. They just piss me off to no end. This damn Thing is over on Yahoo Sports as a preview for tonight's game. There's about 3 paragraphs on The Tribe, and most of it's shit. They give a small nod to Westbrook for how he's done this year, and then basically says he sucks balls against Detroit, bringing up stats from 2004. 2004? Yeah. That's right. 2004. What the Hell. Not one word about any other Tribe player.

Oh, and see Here, ESPN has their new Power Rankings up. The Tribe dropped to 2, and the Mets are in the number 1 spot. Heck, they do have the best record in baseball right now, who can blame them for bopping the Mets up to 1?


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