Tigers Lead Series 2-1

Yesterday's game was good, and even though The Tribe lost this afternoon, I think it was a better game. The pitching for both teams was totally tight. Lee was on fire. The only fuck-up he made, really, was giving up that homer to Shelton. When they put Bentancourt in, holy shit, you could actually hear Lee yelling at the first base ump, calling him a motherfucker. That was cool. And Wedgie getting ejected for the first time this year? Yeah. That's a freaking ball game, baby.

Would have been nice to see the bats come alive sometime today, but Hell, it hardly ever does come together for The Tribe. Boys are hitting? Then pitching's gonna blow. Pitching's great? Then you get a game like today. All part of being a Tribe fan. Take the good with the bad.

So yeah, they lost 1-0 to the Tigers. The Tribe's still on top in the Central, by a game. They have one more game in Detroit, and hopefully they'll win it and split the series. Then it's off to Baltimore for three.


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