Tribe-Tigers Split Series.

What an ass whooping the Tribe's bats delivered this afternoon! That's right, baby. The Tribe beat the Tigers 10-2 today. The bats woke up. Byrd pitched outstanding through 7. Yeah. So they're up a half game from Detroit, and we'll have to wait and see about the ChiSux. Go. KC. Go!

Since I forgot about it, this is the first time I'm seeing Cleveland Rants on FSNOhio. I'm very much not impressed. The show itself is fine. WKNR and the majority of their hosts are fine. But most of the callers. Holy shit. It seemed to me that just about every other caller had parents that were blood relatives. One dude asked if they thought Grady would be MVP this year, cuz in that moke's opinion, he's the best CF Cleveland's ever had. What? He's hitting like .304, with no homers, 1 stolen base, and only a couple of RBI's. There was also some fantasy discussions going on, who would add, if you could, Shelton, Thome, or Pronk. This other guy called, and said he'd add Pronk. Why? Cuz he's Pronk. No other justification. Ok then, buddy. Maybe the callers get better for an evening game, when there's a spike up in the intelligence factor of the viewers.


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