Tribe Beats O's 15-1

Woh. 15-1 with 20 hits last night. 20 hits! The O's were completley off their game last night. Let's hope it doesn't come back and bite The Tribe in the ass tonight. Jason Johnson pitched an outstanding 7 innings, improving to 2-0. It was beautiful to watch, absolutlely beautiful. Graves and Sauerbeck finished the uneventful 8th and 9th innings.

As awesome as our defense was last night, the O's was at the opposite end of the spectrum all together. Their pitcher, Chen gave up 8 runs in 4 innings. 5 of which occured when first Victor hit a two run homer with Pronk on base, then Grady hit a three run homer and scored Ronnie and Casey. Grady, Victor, Blake, and Bennie, who came in mid-game as apinch hitter, all had 3 hits on the night. Jhonny, Pronk, Grady, and Ronnie all had two hits a piece. Michaels, and Hollandsworth, who came in for Pronk, both got a one hit. Boone left the game in the 7th, I think, after being hit in the wrist by a pitch. Can't find any info on him this morning, but last night, all they said, was he left with a contusion. So, we'll have to wait and see if he's in the line up tonight.

Later it will be Jake 3.66 ERA this year, and 2.83 lifetime against the O's, takes on Rodrigo Lopez , 5.66 ERA thus far, and 3.14 v. Cleveland.

I hope that the boys didn't use up all the kick ass hitting skills in one night. Honestly, there are two more games to go against the O's.

In the division, ChiSux again beat KC. Detroit lost to the A's. The Twins lost to the Angels. That leave the ChiSux tied for first with The Tribe, Detroit back 2 games, Twins back 2.5, and KC back 6.5. I wish KC would get their shit together a little bit, and win against the ChiSux.


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