Uh, Yeah. Where was I?

Maybe I just wasn't paying attention. That happens sometimes, I'm a busy chick. They just put Bentancourt, on the 15 Day-DL. I suppose I just didn't want to think about it, and now it just blows my mind with the realization that The Tribe has four fucking pitchers on the DL. Three from the pen, and one starter. What the Hell? The thing that totally scares the shit out of me, is really, the pen, and the starters haven't completely sucked with losing those guys, at least not enough for me to want to brain them with something, yet. They brought up Slocum to replace Bentancourt. Ok. Great. Who the fuck is Slocum? I readily admit my ignorance of the minor league players, but I've never even heard of this guy. Ever. Long season, I know. But I'm becoming a little bit nervous now. It doesn't matter how hot the bats are if the pitching start to suck even bigger hairier monkey balls, than it has of late.


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