Ok, ok. I know. I'm excited, I really am. When they won last night 7-1, I figured, at best, I had too many shots of Jack at the bar, and was reading the score backwards. BTW, *Kisses* (I can do that, I'm a chick, remember?) to Cliff for kicking some BoSox ass last night on the mound.

But tonight, baby, they were on fire. The Tribe won 15-3. Yeah. 15 to fuckin' 3, baby! Yeah! Took the series. Another Yeah! Bennie got a grand-fucking-slam, baby! Jhonny got a 3 run homer! Byrdie got the win and improves 3-2! Yeah! Again! OK. Done with the shouting. I think. Good thing I'm here alone, except for the dog and kitties, who have scattered to the four corners of the house, due to me jumping around, and yelling like a loon for the last 15 minutes. Just happy, and very fucking relieved they didn't blow another series, especially this one. and they're just 2.5 games back from the top spot, cuz those douche bags on the other lake lost last night, and were off today. Cool, baby.

I would like to know why, Hollandsworth isn't playing more, however. This guy is kicking some ass at the plate, and doing way the Hell better than Michaels.


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