It Could Have Been Worse

But not by much. The Indians lost to the BoSox by a score of 6-8. Jake had a career high 6 walks last night, and was totally not on his mark. He did manage to have some interesting defensive DP's that completely saved his ass. My fav was the one with Manny getting tagged at 3rd. I swear he gets slower every year. They put Scott in for one inning, one pitch, and it was so a fucking homer. Nice job Scotty.

Schilling didn't exactly own The Tribe's asses, they did get quite a few hits off of him, trying to get some cusion for the pitchers. They had a crapload of multiple-base hits off him last night. A triple, and a single by Grady. A double and single by Pronk. A double, Single, and a homer by Bennie. A double a piece for Casey, and Boonie. Hell, even Micheals got one single last night. So, yeah, some of them were hitting, but looking at the box score, three, somewhat "big hitters" on the team didn't get one fucking hit last night. Guess who that would be? Yeah. Jhonny, Victor, and Ronnie.

And it was Mota that really fucked the game, by walking the dude before Manny, and giving up a 3 run homer to that fucker. Never, never, never walk the guy before Manny. That just pissed me off to no end. I understand the basic theory behind pitching to a guy, but wouldn't it have been better to just let Ortiz do whatever, and then if he hits one outta the park, at least it's only 2 runs insted of three. I knew, as soon as they started pitching to him, that Manny was gonna go off the reservation. My poor TV just about ended up wearing MGD last night.

Looking at the Standings is depressing. Tribe's lost 3 in a row, and are back 4 from the ChiSux. Praying to The Baseball Gods that Cliff has his shit together tonight, the bats are swinging and everything can come together and manage a fucking win for The Tribe.


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