Tribe Loses Another Series

What a shitty weekend that was. The Tribe lost Saturday and Sunday to the Royals. The Tribe's pitching sucked balls all the way around. Their offense must have gotten the early flight back to Cleveland, Sunday. The Tribe cannot drop series-es, especially series-es against ther Central Division teams. What the fuck happened?!?! They lost two games to one of the worst teams in baseball. It's one thing to lose, but to lose to KC, like they did, God.

With the weekend's losses, The Tribe goes back 3.5 games from the ChiSux.

The Tribe's off today, and taking on the BoSox Tuesday in Cleveland. They go from playing one of the worst teams, to playing one of the best teams. Will the outcome be different? I certainly fucking hope so. More so Saturday, than Sunday, I just wanted to burry my head in the sand and cry after the game ended. I honestly had a flash-back to The Tribe of the 1980's-early 90's. It wasn't a good feeling. I was back at old Muni Stadium, sitting next to my old man, behind one of those fucking poles, sipping my dad's beer, just to keep the game exciting.

But hey, every team loses. I'm keeping the faith, baby.


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