Week 4 Power Rankings

Here they are. ESPN, and FoxSports have The Tribe 4th. Eh. They did blow last week, but could do without the smart-assed remarks from the ESPN dude. "When they lose, they lose big." Fucking jerk. The FoxSports guy blames the drop on the pitching situation, the 4 damn pitchers we now have on the DL. And those relivers we lost after last season. Cuz we wouldn't be having a shitty bullpen if Riske, Rhodes, and Howry were still here. Yeah. Sure thing, dude. They make a point of mentioning C.C. which boggles the mind. He hasn't pitched for most of the season, and suddenly, him not back yet, is an issue? WTF? How about a little more on the pen, this pen, the one we've got now, instead of the starters, and guys that aren't even on the roster anymore? The pen is where a lot of the suckage-supremage is coming from.


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