Tribe Beats KC!

Not that I thought they wouldn't, but you know The Tribe. They took the game with a 6-5 victory. While I'm thrilled The Tribe didn't lose last night, I swear, I thought I was gonna stroke out watching the later innings.

We can always count on Wickie to get the save, his fourth, BTW, colourfully. Cliff pitched OK through a little over 5 innings, had just 3 ER, keeping his ERA somewhat low at 3.33. I love how this works... Graves pitched to like one dude, and got the win. Mota took over for the 7th and 8th, and then of course Wickie came in for the ninth.

The bats were still swinging away last night, and all but three guys had hits, Pronk, & Victor both of whom did walk once each, and Boonie , who just sorta sucked balls last night at the plate. What bothers me about that, mostly Pronk & Victor not hitting, they are like the heart of the order. They gotta hit. The guys in front of them are doing what they gotta do to get on base, like Jhonny last night for instance. 2 hits, 4 RBI's He was smokin' baby.

The Tribe's bringing up Guthrie to help in the pen, Miller's likely out for good, I was too depressed about the situation to read any more than the first few lines of the story, but Here it is for anyone that wants it.

Byrdie's taking the mound tonight for The Tribe. He's got a 7.02 ERA on the year, and 2.74 v. KC lifetime. that 7.02 looks bad, until we look at the dude The Tribe's facing tonight. Joe Mays has a 5.85 ERA lifetime v. Cleveland, and on the year he's tossing a bad-assed 11.68 ERA. No, that's not a mistake. 11.68 for like 3 appearances. Obvioulsy, no wins either.

The fucking ChiSux beat the Twinkies 7-1, and Jim, just call me Jimmy, Thome blasted a two-run homer. Can you say douche bag? Sure. I know you can. That leaves The Tribe still back 1.5 games in the Central, tied with the Tigers, the Twinkies back 4, and Royals back a monstrous 8.5


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