The Way of the World

Been super busy with work this week, so sorry I haven't been updating much. But here we go!

So The Tribe kicked ass last night against Oakland. Won 14-3. Wonderful. Until today. Nope, didn't watch it. Was out taking pictures, ie working, and just checked the score about 2 minutes ago. They lost 12-4. What the fuck is going on with them? They'll have some bitchin' win, and then the other team comes back and stuffs it down their fuckin' throats. I don't even care to read the re-cap. Just seeing the score is enough to make me scream.

Oh shit. If I don't read a re-cap, I should certainly not check the standings, either. 5.5 games back. Fuckin' A. I'm going back to work. This shit is depressing.


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