*SIGH* of Relief

Yeah, baby. Tribe won, 7-1 in this afternoon's game. C.C. got his first win of the season. Victor actually threw out a runner trying to steal a base. 'Bout damn time, too. Pronk followed up yesterday's stellar performance, absolutely bitching-ly, with 4 RBIs, and 3 run homer. Sweet. And that asshole, Jim "Ow! There goes my back, I'm a DH for the remainder of my career" Thome sat his hick-ass on the bench all game. hehe. Good freaking game boys. It was nice to hear something other than what's becoming the "normal" bullshit, about the pitching, the 'pen, and all that crap. Kick some ass over in Oakland tomorrow afternoon, will ya please?

We're only back 4.5 half games! Yeah! Wait. 4.5 games? Is that right? Sonofabitch. The Tribe won, and we're still back 4.5 games? Trying not to cry in my Sam Adams Summer Ale. 4.5 games back blows. It's like totally a bummer, man.


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