Man, Bad Series. Bad.

That series just sucked balls. I don't hate the Rangers, but I'm seriously pissed off at both them and The Tribe. Just can't tank a fucking series that way. I didn't even watch the game last night. I knew it was gonna be bad. I stuck with The Sopranos, and Big Love, and then crashed. I'm so irritated, that I don't want to even read the re-cap. I know The Tribe was winning when The Sopranos ended, and before Big Love began last night, and when I tuned into WKYC early this AM, I'm glad I wasn't watching the game, believe me. My husband thought I was freaking out, and needed more coffee, or get committed, from the string a really bad words that issued forth from my mouth when WKYC did their re-cap. And Saturday's game? Don't get me started. I know I drove someone, not outta the bar, but at least down to the other end of the bar with my cussing. and that's OK, cuz the dude was kinda smelly.

Oh, and now The Tribe's now back 4 and a half fucking games from the ChiSux. Praying to The Baseball Gods that The Tribe can win these next two.


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