Can I Say, What. The. Hell. Again?

This is an excerpt from a recent article over on the Plain Dealer's site, by Paul Hoynes . You can read the entire thing Here if you so desire.

Move it:

Manager Eric Wedge moved Blake from ninth to seventh in the lineup for Tuesday's game. Considering Blake went into the game hitting .370 and Belliard, the regular No. 7 hitter was hitting .265, it made sense.
Wedge wouldn't say if Blake would stay there or continue to work his way up the lineup.
"I'm big on creating consistency in the lineup," said Wedge, "but we've been moving Casey around a little bit. He's handled moving around pretty well."

This has got to be the single most fucked up thing I've ever heard any pro-sports manager say. Consistency doesn't seem to be getting the job done, there pal. Yeah. Leave a currently suck-ass player like Michaels in the number 2 spot, and leave Casey-Baby, who's smokin' currently, down in the bottom of the line-up. Makes perfect fucking sense. It does. Really. That's why The Tribe is 7 games out of 1st. Cuz you want to be consistent with your wacked out line-up.


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