Basics, Baby. Basics.

Honest to Christ. I've managed to scare the shit out of my kitties, and dog, & thought I was gonna have a heart attack this afternoon. My dog's now hiding under a table, and I have no clue where the Hell my kitties went.

If someone throws a fat pitch to ya right down the middle, swing the fuckin' bat. I don't give shit what the count may be. I've always hated that "take a pitch when it's 3-0" mentality. Always. Too many, actually, I think every single batter for The Tribe let at least 3 go by that were right freakin' there. Not that the hitting was lacking, cuz it wasn't. But shit. Make 'em pitch to you, get a little hit, and if you're gonna bunt, learn how to do it right.

Don't put your 8th inning reliever in during the mid-6th. WTF was that about? Mota needed some throwing time? Fine, but don't fuckin' leave him in there for more than an inning and a half, he can't hack it. And please, don't show Wickie throwing when The Tribe doesn't even have the fucking lead anymore. That just gets the fans' hopes up.

When you get the lead in the 1st damn inning, don't give it up. Just don't.

So bring out the fucking broom cuz KC just swept the shit outta The Tribe.


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