Tribe/Tigers Series

The plan is still on to head up to the Jake for Friday's game, even after that shitty series with KC. I don't believe in leaving a baseball game early, no matter how bad it is. In fact, it's been over 20-some years since I've left before the end of the ninth. Do the math, I was like 4, and it was a double header, and it was at Muni, and we were sitting behind a fucking pole. I'm totally willing to make an exception tomorrow night, and leave in the 6th if it gets ugly. There's just no fucking way I'm paying 5 bucks a beer (and it's not even good beer) per inning, to see Cleveland suck ass. And yes, I really do cuss like this at games, as long as there's no kiddies around. If there are, I seat hop, or go to one of the crappy marked off smoking sections. Smokers don't give a shit how you talk.

Cliff 3.64 ERA on the year, and 4.47 v. Detroit is pitching against Jeremy Bonderman 4.40 ERA, and 17.18 v. The Tribe. Not that ERA really means dick this season, as we've seen.

My prediction: either Wedgie is giving the guys Hell right now, and they're gonna get pissed off enough to finally win, and get back up to .500 ball. Or, and this is much more likely, the way things have been going, my baby Cliff is gonna be out of the game by the 3rd inning, Danny, Davis, Mota, Scott, Fernando, Wickie, Jeremy, and eventually Blake, yes I said Blake, as in Casey-Baby, will wind up as the relievers, with Blake getting the lose. Boonie & Michaels will continue to suck at the plate, and Pronk, Jhonny, or Victor will end up on the DL. Oh, and somebody will end up throwing at Ordonez, Rodriquez, or Dmitri, there will be a bench clearing brawl like none of us have ever seen, and all of The Tribe's pitchers will all get suspended for a week, and maybe that's just what the bastards need.

Sometimes, I wish I was a Braves fan.


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