Rained Out

No Tribe tonight. That's ok. I got to keep my clothes on.

The Cavs played one weirded-out, fucked-up, intense game, and WON, baby. Yeah! Fuck You, Detroit!

Just thought I'd share this with ya'll, it's a good laugh, really. Honestly, almost fell off the bar stool tonight, LMFAO, and not because of the wicked combo of vics (foot thing, not broke, but possibly tendon/ligament bullshit) & draft beer. One of my buddies says he heard this on WMMS either today, or over the weekend sometime. 'MMS is one of my stations, but I don't listen to it often enough. Usually, 97.5, 98.5 and 94.9, if I want news, sports, whatever, it's WTAM. But I really don't know if he was fuckin' with me, or what.

So my buddy says to me that The Tribe is thinking of signing Barry Bonds. I said, typical me, WTF! You heard wrong. He's all, no, no. Really. I heard it on WMMS. I say you're full of shit. The only thing Cleveland's got going on in CA right now, is they traded Karsay for some cash. And he's all, yeah, right. They did it so they have money for when Barry's contract is up sometime around the All-Star break so they can try an' get him. As a DH no less, until he retires.

Tell me, please, am I the only one that sees something wrong with this pitcure? I know I don't know it all, and don't have the experience that most of you have. I know a lot of you guys that read this are super good at breaking things down, and doing an in-depth annalisys of just WTF is going on. But crap! This just seems wrong to me, especially cuz I haven't read, or heard about any messed up thing such as this.

My issues with the entire idea: First, Barry's a dick, and I can't see Cleveland even wanting to associate with him what with all the crap that's going on. And if they did, well then screw them. It's time to find a new damn team to cheer for. Second, we have a damn good DH in Pronk, and a few others that could concievably fill in, if Baseball Gods forbid, something happens. Third, it's not as though they got a freaking mint for Karsay. Certainly not enough to buy Barry Fuckin' Bonds. Finally, and I cringe as I say this, Jim "The Puke From Peria" Thome wasn't worth the buck, but Barry is?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that one. I just don't know.


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