I Have a Solution!!!!

Last night was a sleepless one for me, (Ithink I broke my foot a few weeks ago, and it was hurting like a mother) and have come up with some ideas on how The Tribe could get better. For any of you that have beend reading here, ya'll know I'm a huge fan of Major League. Taking some of the weird shit they did in the movie, might actually work for The Tribe.

1. Live Chickens. Rember when Pedro Cerrano wanted to sacrifice a live chicken for some extra power? Well, I know some people. What if we had a whole fucking flock of chickens delivered to the Jake, and then get some Voodoo chick to do the sacrificing for 'em? May wake up the bats.

2. Cerrano's Locker. Get every last one of the guys to deck out their lockers with the same crazy shit he had in his. Oh, yeah, I'm superstitious, baby.

3. Crap On The Ball. Eddie Harris, a starting pitcher in the movie used Crisco, Vardal, and snot to help give him a drop on his curve. Shall we send some Fed-Ex to all the pitchers?

4. Nakedness. When Lou Brown discovers Rachel Phelps' plan to relocate, he put that cut of her in the locker room with little stick-on pieces of cloth that they took off if they won. *Enter ThatChick* I am so not above flashing, getting naked, or even a little pole dancing if it would encourage these guys to get a fucking win. I'm tall, thin, long brown-ish hair, and I've been told I have a really nice rack, & a good ass, and believe me, if I thought for one second it'd help, and I could get away with it, I would so be in the dugout, the 'pen, or the locker room.

Put me in Coach! I'm ready!


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