Seriously. Little TV behind the bar had The Tribe on. Big TV behind me had the Cavs on. Last night was nuts. Westbrook pitched all 9. Pronk got a gradn-fucking-slam. The Cavs beat Detroit, again. As the one guy I know said last night as I was coming out of the john, "Dude, Cavs won, Tribe won, you gotta be freakin' out, babe." To say the least. After the wins, the whole bar (like 6 or 8 people) did a shot, which was cool. Then they got a flash from me, which was cooler, at least they seemed to think so. Doing my part to help Cleveland get some damn wins, baby.

Didn't catch the game today. But I see Cliff did OK, got the win, and Wickie got another save. Sweet. Oh, and look. Boonie made another fucking throwing error. Can't that Perez guy play 3rd? If he can, why isn't he? If he can't, find someone that can. Perferably someone that can also hit the ball.


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