10 Minutes

That's about all I saw of The Tribe game. They won 4-1 against the Pirates. Can't imagne why. But the Cavs game was the game to watch last night. Even though they lost, that game was intense. One of my friends, the poor bastard, had Guard this weekend, and is in BFE w/like 100 dudes, and no TV or radio. I spent the last 5 min. of the 4th Q txt-ing him. My hand's tired.

Since I didn't actually see The Tribe win, and I did see the Cavs lose, um, no flashing. I'll do better tonight, as long as the rednecks aren't watching some race.

In my observations of last night's games, both of them, I've got some questions. Cavs fans, where did the little white towel thing come from? Isn't that a Pitspuke thing? Didn't they start that? Vendors at the Jake, why the fuck do you wear yellow slickers when it's raining? I understand you'd like to be "seen." But, uh, it sorta looked like a bunch of Steelers fans selling beer and dogs in the stands last night.


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