Booin' The Man

There's been a ton of bloggers, & media people talking about Tribe fans booing The Puke from Peoria. I've seen and heard so much bullshit this week, that I'm about to puke.

I will readily agree with anyone who defends the numbers The Puke put up as an Indian. Remember, I was in love with The Man since I was like 14 or something. He really is a fantastic hitter.

I don't quite get comparing The Puke to Manny, O-mar, or Loften. Manny was a dick when he was here, and he's a dick in Boston. O-mar? WTF. Has Cleveland even played against whatever team he's on? Besides, O-mar's old as anything, probably should retire, and not many people wanted him to stay after his last atrocious season in Cleveland. Loften, well, not touching that one. Just no feeling about him one way or the other. What I'm getting at is those other three guys are not on a team that has a huge rival with Cleveland, in the same freakin' division no less. If they had gone to the ChiSux, you bet your ass that those boys would get booed.

The Puke left to go to the Phillies, that made me cry, but I didn't hate him. Not then. Hate didn't set in until I actually saw The Puke in a ChiSux uniform. Chicago, for the love of The Baseball Gods. There's only one team on par with the hatred I feel for Chicago, and that would be the Damn Yankees.

So, all you people saying that booing The Puke is wrong, he's a great guy, yadda, yadda, yadda. For me at least, it's not him, but the uniform that requires those boos to spew forth when The Puke is at the plate. And being a true fan of The Tribe, I feel it's my duty to boo any dirtbag wearing black & white. Remember, it's not The Puke, but the uniform.


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